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This drawing technique with a digital pen on an iPad works like drawing and painting. Marlies constantly missed this combination in oil painting, but also in drawing with colored pencil. The only material that comes close to both effects is drawing with pastels. 

After many years of material research, learning to work digitally became her passion.

The process of digital painting is just as intensive and time consuming as that of oil on linen. In a drawing program you can build up the work in layers, which makes your options endless and challenging. The result can be printed on different surfaces.

a flight of butterflies (2021)

butterfly girl (2021)

inner mirror (2021)


on a pink cloud (2021)

precious (2021)

wondering (2021)

sight of eyes (2021)

ascension (2021)

florist (2021)

light drops (2021)

reflexion (2021)

friendship (2021)

mirroring (2021)


series: reflexions

the symbols reflect feelings and character

wonder grows as you can measure yourself against the immense world down to the smallest details


In various sizes on dibond and fineart paper

edition of 50


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